Walgreens will be offering access to its data through a variety of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Photo Prints

Photo Prints allows mobile application developers to include the ability for 
their app users to print photos to any of the 8,000+ Walgreens locations.

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With every photo order that is successfully placed and picked up at a local
store, the developer can earn a revenue share commission. 

To quickly learn what Photo Prints can offer for your application, check out
our new overview video. It will be 85 seconds that will change your life.

To view the available photo products and associated revenue commission,
please visit our Photo Prints Product Catalog.

To view 3rd party applications that have already integrated with Walgreens,
check out our Photo Prints App Gallery

To register for a Photo Prints API Key, please complete this request form.

For business development inquiries, contact apibizdev@walgreens.com.

Pharmacy Prescription Refill & Transfer

The Walgreens Pharmacy Prescription API allows users of third-party
mobile applications to quickly order refills of prescriptions originally
filled at one of the 8,000+ Walgreens pharmacies.

To view 3rd party applications that have already integrated with Walgreens,
check out our Pharmacy Prescription API Partner Showcase blog.

Balance Rewards

The Balance Rewards API enables prequalified partners to connect into
Walgreens to share individual member health and wellness information
to be eligible to receive Balance Rewards points for healthy activities like
like walking, running and weight management. The API is designed to
enable partners to seamlessly share individual health & activity data
in order to help jointly drive healthy lifestyle outcomes.

Store Locator

The Store Locator API enables developers like yourself to get
dynamic store location information based on the position of your applications users.
This API is also built to for dynamically filtered searches for specific store types
only displaying stores with certain features, for example: 24 Hour Pharmacy, and Flu Shots available.

Digital Offers API

The Digital Offers API enables third party applications to search and clip
digital coupons directly to Walgreens customers Balance Rewards Cards.
Once a coupon is clipped to a customers card the offer will be auto-magically
applied the next time they checkout with that product
on Walgreens.com or in any one of our 8200+ Walgreens Stores!

Add to Cart

The Walgreens Add to Cart API allows users of third-party applications and websites to quickly add products to a cart on Walgreens.com and then transfer that customer to checkout that cart.


This retail focused Add to Cart API is designed to increase customer interaction inside of your third-party retail shopping experience. By combining this API with our Digital Offers API you can allow customers to clip coupons for, and add products to a cart on walgreens.com to complete their checkout.