Here is the presentation given by Joe Rago for the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference. We've also included the two embedded YouTube videos for your viewing enjoyment.

Walgreens is excited to announce that Offspring for iPhone is now live in the app store with the ability to print to Walgreens! Offspring is a simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to capture childhood moments like photos, videos, quotes, artwork, milestones, and journal entries.

Offspring also includes a built-in private social network for sharing with family and friends.  Parents directly control what memories get added to a child’s timeline and what information their friends and family can see. 

Don't delay, download Offspring for iPhone today!



Walgreens is excited to announce that Photogene Books for iPad is now live in the app store with the ability to print to Walgreens!  Photogene Books allows you to design and order printed photo-books straight from your iPad.

According to Omer Shoor, CEO of Mobile-Pond, "We believe that creating a book should be fun and that's why we put a lot of effort to create an engaging user experience. The books are printed at Walgreens and can be picked-up from one of their stores. After developing Photogene Books we looked for a way to provide printed books to our customers in the USA. QuickPrints was the perfect answer. Very easy to integrate - only took us a few days. We were also positively pleased with the technical support we got. The Walgreens API team were very quick to respond to any question or problem. Now we can offer our customers over 4,000 pickup locations. We are a small company and this would have been impossible to achieve without the QuickPrints API."

Don't delay, download Photogene Books for iPad today!

Photogene Books


Walgreens is excited to announce that Adobe Revel for Android is now live in the app store with the ability to print to Walgreens! 

Bring your famiy closer together, the private place to view and share your everyday photos. Encourage family members to add their photos, and together you'll create a library rich in memories.

It's the most convenient way to print your digital photos! Don't delay, download
Adobe Revel for Android today!

Adobe Revel

Walgreens is excited to announce that Fancy Albums for Windows 8.1 is now live in the Windows Store with the ability to print to Walgreens! 

Fancy Albums is a Windows 8.1 app which allows you to create a fancy album using collages with over 100 collage layouts and over 50 textures.

You can also print your albums and prints to over 8,000 Walgreens locations across the United States. Fancy Albums also allows you to share the photos with Facebook or any other Windows app that accepts image files, as well as by email.

Don't delay, download Fancy Albums for Windows 8 PCs and tablets today!

Fancy Albums


Walgreens is excited to announce that Unbound for iPhone and Unbound HD for iPad is now live in the app store with the ability to print your Dropbox photos to Walgreens! Unbound is a fast, simple to-use, photo and album manager for your Dropbox photos.

According to Eugene Kaneko, Product Manager for Unbound, "We integrated QuickPrints because it's an awesome way to get your Dropbox photos from your iPhone and iPad to actual prints in a matter of hours.”

Don't delay, download Unbound for iPhone and Unbound HD iPad today!


SAVE NOW! Download any integrated Walgreens QuickPrints API apps and get 20% off your order with the coupon code QPSAVE* today!

Check out our latest list of QuickPrints app integrations at


* Coupon code QPSAVE valid thru June 30, 2014 on integrated Walgreens QuickPrints API applications. Code must be entered in the mobile app QuickPrints checkout flow to apply discount. Timing will be determined by Walgreens server clock. Discount does not apply to previous purchases or taxes. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer valid on integrated Walgreens QuickPrints API applications only. Walgreens reserve the right to expire the offer at any time. In store sales associates reserve the right to monitor and prevent offer abuse.

The Walgreens API Program is looking to hire a Developer Relations Manager to continue to recruit and support third party developers for our QuickPrints and Prescription API programs.  

The Developer Relations Manager will also be heavily involved with the roll-out of new API program offerings and our overall developer evangelsm & marketing efforts.

The role will be based out of our downtown Chicago eCommerce office and full details of the role, as well as a link to apply for the job, can be found online on the Walgreens Careers site.



Joe Rago

Sr. Product Manager

Walgreens API

Walgreens would like to announce that MEA Mobile ( has integrated our Prescription Refill API within it brand new ZipScript app for Android.  With this release, MEA Mobile is our first third-party developer to integrate both our QuickPrints and Prescription APIs into their suite of mobile apps.


ZipScript allows for customers to easily complete their Walgreens pharmacy prescription refills.  Hold your phone over your prescription bottle and the app will read the label.   ZipScript is a fast way to refill your prescriptions at over 8,000 Walgreens locations.  


According to Bruce Seymour, Managing Director for MEA Mobile, "We integrated the Walgreens prescription API because MEA Mobile understands the growing need for mobile development in the health care space. Walgreens RX API integration is a first step along an exciting path for MEA Mobile."


Download ZipScript for Android from Google Play today!



Walgreens would like to announce that dailyRx has integrated our Prescription Refill & Transfer APIs within the latest updates of its iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android apps.  


The dailyRx News Network (dNN) connects healthcare decision makers, consumers and patients to a dynamic network of information, applications and services. The dailyRx mobile app allows patients to stay connected to their health on the go with the latest doctor-reviewed health news and patient education from the dailyRx News Network, access to medication refills, prescription transfer and a medications encyclopedia covering health topics that matter most to them.


According to Sean Brindley, SVP & General Manager of dailyRx, "We are pleased to partner with a world-class pharmacy such as Walgreens. Integrating the Walgreens API within the dailyRx News mobile app increases the overall utility to patients. Our mobile users can easily process their Walgreens refill requests anytime of the day. We believe Walgreens is empowering both patients and healthcare providers to improve medication adherence and reduce overall care delivery costs."


Download dailyRx from the Apple App Store or Google Play today!