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See you at Mobile Photo Connect 2016!!

Tue, 07/12/2016 - 13:33 - Manush Shah

We’re excited to be a Gold Sponsor at Mobile Photo Connect 2016 for a third consecutive year! We meet some of the best talent at this event and look forward to it every year. This year the event will take place in Palo Alto, California. Yes the birthplace of the Silicon Valley! We’ll have our very own Kartik Subramanian (Director, Mobile Product Management, APIs and Innovation) speak about monetizing photo apps and Drew Schweinfurth (Developer Evangelist) present a 4 minute Show & Tell.

As you may remember from last year, we are pleased to mention a majority of the attendees at Mobile Photo Connect were already integrated with our Photo Prints APIs and we hope to meet more successful integration opportunities this year!

We look forward to seeing everyone at Mobile Photo Connect 2016 and we’ll be sure to make it as fun and exciting as we have in previous years!

We're going to Evans Data Conference 2016

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 15:49 - Drew Schweinfurth

It’s that time of year again for us to head out to Palo Alto and take part in the annual Evan’s Data Developer Relations Conference! This year we will have our developer evangelist, Drew Schweinfurth, talk about "Creating enduring partnerships that inspire loyalty” during the Developer Bootcamp session on Sunday, March 20th.
Last year we had a great learning and teaching experience! Seeing all the developer evangelists and advocates helped us gain a better understanding of how each others programs operate. We look forward to the rewarding conversations we will be having at this years conference, where we will be digging down into the trenches of developer evangelism.
We plan to make two new announcements that we’re very proud of as we continue to grow our developer program. Please stay tuned either remotely or come hangout with us at the event!
The Walgreens API Team

We are going to WildHacks, are you?

Thu, 11/19/2015 - 17:07 - Drew Schweinfurth


The Walgreens API team is very excited to be involved with WildHacks directly located in our home base of Chicago!
This event offers a really great opportunity to work alongside our Walgreens Developer Evangelist, @WalgreensAPI, to create some unique Photo Prints API integrations. We have been involved with hack-a-thons like this before and have always had a great experience with the many photo partners we meet and foster at these events!
We look forward to some awesome innovative ideas from this event, which you can learn more about at, where we have listed the prizes we are giving out at the event and have some getting started documentation!

Are you going to Mobile Photo Connect? We are!

Tue, 09/29/2015 - 16:46 - Drew Schweinfurth

UPDATE: Checkout our announcement here (hint: scroll down)

Walgreens is very excited to kickoff our financial year with our Gold Sponsorship at the Mobile Photo Connect 2015 conference. This year the event is being held at the amazing Golden Gate Club in the beautiful area of Presidio, San Francisco. 
Making an in-person from our team to represent Walgreens, along with the many other leaders across the mobile photo industry, will be Joe Rago (Director, Mobile Innovation Program and Drew Schweinfurth (Developer Evangelist).
Excitement levels rise as we see more and more people attending the conference every year! This year a large portion of the Show & Tell Presentations are represented by members of our great and growing Photo Prints API eco-system! 
Now, we are going to let you finish deciding about coming or not, but these App Previews created by all the attendees are the best of all time, all time! They convinced us to register for tickets immediately and you should too! We look forward to more communication about the event during and after, from our @WalgreensAPI account.
The Walgreens API Team  

Recap: Evans Data - Developer Relations Conference

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 13:38 - Drew Schweinfurth

We recently took a quick jump to the Palo Alto / Bay Area and sponsored the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference. There, we witnessed a plethora of developer evangelists and developer relations program managers across a variety of companies and industries. 
We had discussions and focused learning events that enabled attendees to learn about how the Walgreens Developer Program is run. We also listened to success stories and lessons learned from everyone, with great interactive presentations from Twilio to Phillips Hue
Our fearless leader, Joe Rago, shared his extensive knowledge about our developer program, which we actually attempted to live stream to the masses. Other then blowing minds and changing perspectives of Walgreens, he also received some great feedback on things to look forward to in our program. If you weren't there for his presentation, don't worry, the slides are embedded below!
Developer Evangelist, Drew Schweinfurth, also got to take the great opportunity to play the role of "General" at a new portion of the event dubbed the "Developer Bootcamp". This portion was a unique experience with about 20 different industry newbies and leaders that are directly invloved in molding and shaping the developer programs of their organizations. He took the role of evangelist in true fashion and talked about two major topics: Trying New Things and Onboarding Developers. The slides are embedded below:

Balance Rewards Challenge: Healthy Results for the Healthy API

Thu, 01/08/2015 - 11:39 - Drew Schweinfurth

On October 6, Walgreens announced our newest API program, the Balance Rewards API. Along with the announcement, a multi-month challenge was created for any developer, to build an app integration leveraging our latest API service. 
Overall, we had a great turnout with the contest with over 100+ participants and, many keyboard taps and mouse clicks later, the contest ended on December 1st, 2014. We were very happy to see all the hard work and effort that people put into the contest with some very innovative applications and integrations.
Here is a little bit of info about the finalist app submissions:
(Winner) OneCare:
OneCare was the winner of the Walgreens Best Overall App Integration Award. The main features of OneCare are it allows you to track important health info about yourself, schedule tasks for your health, connect with friends and family about your health, and setup notifications to remind you to make healthy choices. By integrating with devices from all of the top health device manufactures, OneCare can provide a single location to view all of your health information. In addition to being able to view all of the health data you can setup alerts and notifications of when health events occur.
Check it out today:
(Winner) Jivayu BP Coach:
Jivayu BP Coach was the winner of the Henry Ford Health System Patient Engagement Award. The main features of Jivayu BP Coach are a creative character named Jivayu which coaches you about Blood Pressure Management. It keeps track of activities like: sleep, medication, and measurements automatically via various wearables and apps. The Expert System Tool and Doctor’s Digest allows you to get the information about your health exactly when you need it, its like having a small doctor in your pocket!
Check it out today: Google Play Store
(Winner) SitLess
SitLess was the winner of the Peoples Choice for Best App Integration Award. The main features of SitLess are that it allows the ability to monitor the health of your employees in a corporate environment by motivating them to get healthier and stay fit by sitting less! The SitLess Android app tracks your employees training data and workouts, while the admin dashboard site allows you to monitor the results and work with your employee to create healthier choices and a more healthy team!
Check it out today: Google Play Store
The other finalist submissions were:
Teen Diabeties Tracker: A tracker for teens to manage their Blood Glucose by recording their readings pre/post their meals everyday. Check it out today: Apple App Store
No15 (No Freshman 15): A tracker for college students to record their steps and sleep and other activities to help maintain the Freshman 15Check it out today: Apple App Store
Pillable: A medication review and rating application which allows for recording of your vitals like Weight, Blood Pressure, and Blood Glucose. Apple App Store
Beast Mode Life: An app that allows recording of healthy choices like Steps, Cycling, Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose. Check it out today: Windows Phone Store
AlternaMeal: A unique tool designed to help your take small steps toward a healthy lifestyle by recording your weight and managing what you eat. Check it out today: Google Play Store

Photo Hack Day NYC: Awesome Photo Hacks in December

Tue, 11/11/2014 - 16:33 - Drew Schweinfurth

The Walgreens API team is very excited to be involved again with Photo Hack Day and will be heading to the city that never sleeps (NYC) for Photo Hack Day 6 to take place at Aviary’s headquarters on December 6-7, 2014.

This event offers a really great opportunity to work alongside our Walgreens Developer Evangelist to create a magical QuickPrints integration. We have been involved with past Photo Hack Days at Dropbox (2012) and Facebook (2013) and have always had a great experience with the many photo partners we meet and foster at theses events!

We look forward to some awesome innovative ideas from this event, which you can learn more about at

Medication Management Hackathon 2014: Congrats Pillable

Wed, 11/05/2014 - 11:43 - Drew Schweinfurth

Well, needless to say going up to the bitter north in Minnesota to judge pill reminders and adherence apps may not be everyones most exciting weekend event, but we must exclaim how blown away we were with the whole event! Not only did we get the beautiful fall weather that exists very rarely we got some really amazing ideas and apps created. The host, Treehouse Health was not only in a wonderful location, but provided exemplarily staff and facilities for the event. Thanks a lot JD and Treehouse Health! We had a extremely verbose group that ranged from python developers all the way to nurse practitioners and paramedics. So when it came to the 3rd day of the event we got pretty excited about the results and presentations that people gave. We were looking to give a $1000 prize to the app that best integrated the Walgreens Prescription Refill / Transfer API or Balance Rewards API. 



After an extended deliberation time we came to the conclusion that the Pillable was the obvious winner based on the creative design, development environment, and usage of both the APIs. The app was built to help a user review their pills and talk about the experiences that they go through when taking their prescription. The app also allowed for vitals to be recorded in the review process then connecting to Walgreens by sending (weight, blood pressure, blood glucose) and prescriptions refills / transfers. 

"The Medication Management Hackathon sponsored by Walgreens was a memorable experience for me. The community, volunteers, and local businesses all came together to think big for a weekend. I had the privilege of talking with awesome people, learning a ton, and winning the walgreens API challenge. Hurray! It was really cool to see people give up their weekend for a cause that matters."  - Daniel Rasmuson, Developer and Dreamer of Pillable.

We look forward to working with the developer behind the Pillable app over the coming weeks to help him launch the application in production and claim not only our $1,000 prize, but also the number of Walgreens users who would like to manage their medications to stay happy and healthy! We were very impressed with all the other groups' presentations as well and we look forward to helping them release their ideas into the internets. If you missed the event this year you are more than welcome to shoot a message to our developer evangelist Drew Schweinfurth and he can answer any questions about the event, our apis, or any upcoming events we are planning.

Search Twitter for #HackMedMgmt to see the all the glorious tweets.

Walgreens Announces Developer Contest to Support Balance Rewards API

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 14:23 - Joe Rago


Integration of Balance Rewards API rewards users for healthy choices


Walgreens is conducting a developer contest to encourage integration of its Balance® Rewards API, which allows users of other apps to earn Balance Rewards loyalty program points for making healthy choices. Rewards points can be redeemed for merchandise in-store or online.

From now through November 28, third-party app developers can access contest details and submit an integrated app entry by visiting the Balance Rewards App Challenge page. Winners will be announced during the Walgreens session at the upcoming mHealth Summit 2014 in Washington D.C., December 7-11. Categories, awards and selection criteria are as follows:

  • Walgreens Best Overall App Integration Award ($7,000) – The prize will be based on the quality of the app integration idea, successful integration of the Balance Rewards API and impact for app customers to lead a happy and healthy life.
  • Henry Ford Health System Patient Engagement Award ($3,000) – As a supporter of the challenge, Henry Ford Health System will offer an award that is based on the potential to incent healthy patient behavior and engagement while increasing or easing the ability to manage chronic conditions. This criteria is in addition to the quality of the app integration idea and successful integration of the Balance Rewards API.
  • People's Choice for Best App Integration Award ($3,000) – Voted on by ChallengePost users and also will be based on the quality of the app integration idea, successful integration of the Balance Rewards API and impact for app customers to lead a happy and healthy life.

“Through our API developer program, we’re able to extend our loyalty program into the digital ecosystem, ultimately reaching more consumers and rewarding them for their healthy activities,” said Abhi Dhar, group vice president and chief technology officer, Digital, at Walgreens. “By developing more API offerings, we’re continuing to invest in developer relationships and see the value they deliver.”

In 2012, Walgreens launched its QuickPrints API, which enabled photo apps to provide users with the convenience of sending photos directly to Walgreens for printing. At that time, less than 1 percent of the company’s digital print business came from mobile. Today, 40 percent comes from mobile with more than 125 third-party photo app integrations.

The following year, the Prescription API was launched and allowed for seamless prescription refill and transfer capabilities for users of third-party apps. Most recently, Walgreens has launched its Balance Rewards API to extend the company’s Balance Rewards for healthy choices™ program – the first loyalty program to offer consumers rewards for healthy choices.

Popular fitness devices and apps such as GenieMD, HoMedics, LifeTrak, Lose It!, Misfit, Nudge, Omron Fitness and RunKeeper have integrated the Balance Rewards API allowing users to automatically earn points for healthy activities like walking, running and biking.

Heartland Mobile Council MobiU 2014 (09.17.14)

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 10:44 - Joe Rago

Presentation by Joe Rago (Sr. Product Manager) at the Heartland Mobile Council MobiU Conference on "Extending Happy & Healthy" in Chicago, IL on Wednesday September 17, 2014.