QuickPrints SDK
Why do I receive an error when initializing the SDK?


The most common issues which may cause an error upon placing your initial QuickPrints SDK initialization call are:

1) Environment - Unless explicitly instructed by the Walgreens Developer Portal Admin team, all integration testing must be completed by aiming at our staging environment.  For iOS, this would be environment 0.  For Android, it is the DEVELOPMENT environment.

2) ProductGroupID - Unless explicitly instructed by the Walgreens Developer Portal Admin team, a developer will not need to populate any value within this optional parameter and instead should be passing a NULL value.

3) API Key or Affiilate ID - These are both required fields and must be passed within your SDK initialization call. Please ensure that you are using the credential pair provided by the Walgreens Developer Portal Admin team.

4) Android Emulator - If you are using an Android emulator for your integration testing, please remove TargetSDK from the AndroidManifest.xml file and it should resolve any upload issues.


For additional troubleshooting tips, please refer to the QuickPrints SDK documentation which can be found here on the Walgreens Developer Portal at https://developer.walgreens.com/api-overview/QuickPrints.


What platforms is the QuickPrints SDK available for?

The QuickPrints SDK is currently available on the iOS (for iPhone and iPad) and Android platforms.  Additional information can be found within our QuickPrints overview section.

Can I use the Walgreens QuickPrints SDK for commercial purpose?

Yes, Walgreens API can be used for commerical purpose. One can build commerical applications that use Walgreens APIs. The application must however conform to the Walgreens Developer Program & API License Agreement.

Can I earn revenue with the QuickPrints SDK?

Yes, if you follow the steps to register for a Developer Portal user account, request an API key and enroll with our Walgreens Partner program, you can earn a revenue share on photo orders sent from your iPhone, iPad or Android application to Walgreens.  

The current commission structure is a fifteen* percent (15%) revenue share on all of our current Photo Product Catalog. This share is based on the pre-tax order sales amount and is generated on all orders picked up and paid for in a Walgreens store within thirty (30) days of the order submission date.

* Revenue share percentage is subject to change and may differ for each photo product type