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Mon, 09/13/2021 - 11:02 - Christopher Lopez

Walgreens is extremely excited to announce the integration of GoToPills with the Walgreens Prescription APIs. Checkout the integration with the GoToPills iPhone app or Android app where customers can easily refill or transfer a Walgreens prescription.

Along with the convenience of refilling Walgreens prescriptions, GoToPills delivers cutting-edge technology to customers with “off-label” alerts when a medication is not approved by the FDA for the prescribed reason, age, gender, or duration. By partnering with Walgreens, customers now have access to GoToPills’ vital drug summaries including FDA approved uses, major adverse effects, and litigation levels along with hyperlinks to the supporting medical research that is linked to each summary.

“Integrating the GoToPills app with the Walgreens Prescription Refill and Transfer Program provides customers with easy prescription refill convenience coupled with vital medication information that increases patient safety. We could not ask for a better win-win solution for customers” said Tamera Venzke, Co-Founder and CEO of GoToPills.

Download the GoToPills iPhone app or Android app today!