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Thu, 09/26/2013 - 23:03 - Drew Schweinfurth

Walgreens is proud to introduce AnyCloud as our latest integration for the QuickPrints API.


AnyCloud is the only secure web service where consumers can centrally find, manage, and enjoy all their photos – from any photo service, cloud storage, social network, or email – neatly organized on one web site.


According to AnyCloud's founder, Andy Waddell, "AnyCloud is focused on making it easy for consumers to find, print, and enjoy all their photos on one web site.  When we were choosing our first photo prints partner, Walgreens QuickPrints was a natural fit due to its easy API integration, seamless ordering process, and fast print pick-up at thousands of Walgreens stores nationally."


Learn more about AnyCloud and print your favorite photos today at