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Tue, 10/15/2013 - 08:37 - Drew Schweinfurth

Walgreens is proud to introduce CollageCam for iPhone as our latest integration for the QuickPrints API.


CollageCam allows users to select a picture (using photo album or camera) and convert it into a collage made up of other (user selected) pictures. What helps CollageCam stand apart is whereas all other apps arrange different pictures in frames, the CollageCam app actually arranges user selected pictures to create the overall picture.


According to CollageCam founder, Rajinder Singh, "QuickPrints provides a great capability to CollageCam App that allows users to send print orders to any nearby Walgreens stores with a touch of a button. CollageCam users can create great collages using this app and pick up the prints within minutes from their neighborhood Walgreens."


Download the free CollageCam for iPhone app today at