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Tue, 04/30/2013 - 21:46 - Drew Schweinfurth

The Walgreens API team would like to welcome FratSnapz for iPhone to our developer program family.  FratSnapz allows you to utilize any photo on your iPhone (or take a new photo) and create a customized frame that can include your organization's logo(s) and three lines of text. Instantly create a photo without having to wait for proofs or contact sheets.  Turn on the greek keyboard, and customize for your fraternity or sorority.  Share your photo via social media, text or email, as well as print to Walgreens right from within the app.

According to Wes Gaylard from the FratSnapz team, "QuickPrints was a natural extention of the FratSnapz app for iPhone.  Our customers can use Walgreens QuickPrints that's integrated into the app and print the same type photos they typically have to wait weeks to receive.  With QuickPrints they can pick up their photos almost immediately."

Download FratSnapz from the Apple App Store today.