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Tue, 07/10/2012 - 09:11 - Drew Schweinfurth


Walgreens is proud to introduce StillShot as one of our launch partners for the QuickPrints SDK. 

According to Yair Bair-On, CEO of Macadamia Apps, "StillShot allows any iPhone user to create a high resolution image from any video file. This is very useful with video that were taken by mistake (very common in iPhone) or when object are in the move such as small children or even sports events where it is hard to 'catch the moment' and get the best picture. With StillShot you can load a video and simply choose the best frame. The Android version of StillShot will soon be launched together with selected mobile carriers around the world.”

Checkout the StillShot demo video at and download StillShot for iPhone at