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Mon, 10/01/2018 - 16:19 - Drew Schweinfurth
Hello, we have an important update for the API program and wanted to let everyone know about them beyond just a mass email:
Migration of Revenue Share Portal:
If you have been connected with us for a while you are well aware of the portal for viewing your revenue share. As we strive to enhance our revenue share line(s) of business under our API portfolio our next step is to migrate our partners to Commission Junctions full platform. If you created your PublisherID on for photo revenue share you will need to follow the steps below:     
Three key benefits to you in doing so:
  • Opens up your revenue opportunities and scalability
  • Reporting, management and optimization tools provide a robust experience that allow more control
  • Benefits of the network effect will grow your Business exponentially 
Two key events to anticipate:
  • Update your app's PID      
  • One month’s payment may be delayed depending on when you update your PID 
That being said, we ask you to:
  1. Register for the new portal here:
  2. Once registered you will need to go to the menu: Account >> Websites
  3. Create a new website by providing a Name, and URL, Category, and Description. 
  4. Once added you will see a number on-top of the words “Active” that is your new PublisherID
Your new PublisherID will need to be incorporated into all your apps in a new build. We’ll help provide any testing or validation services that need to be conducted to ensure continuity. We’d be more than happy to jump on a call to discuss in more detail, simply let us know. 
We plan to decommission the old portal and any old publisherID’s by: January 1st, 2019 giving you about 3 months to migrate over to a new publisherID. If you do not migrate over to a new publisherID by 1/1/2019 you app will no longer be receiving revenue share for any orders you create. Also, if you have already migrated over to Commission Junctions full platform you can ignore this update.
Thank You,
Walgreens API Team
@Walgreens API