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Introducing Adobe GroupPix for iOS & Android

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 15:51 - Drew Schweinfurth

Walgreens is proud to introduce a second QuickPrints integration with Adobe with the brand new version of the GroupPix application for both iPhone and Android (just launched today).

GroupPix ( is a member of the Adobe Revel family of products. It is the app to ensure that you never miss another great photo! GroupPix gathers the photos you and your friends take and puts them all into one shared event.

After collecting your group’s photos to one place, GroupPix lets you add comments, ‘like’ favorites, share, and print them via Walgreens. You can also add more pictures to the event after the party’s over, and view them on your iPhone, Android phone, or online. 

According to Mark Dahm, Principal Product Manager for the Adobe Consumer Group, "GroupPix customers will enjoy being able to print the priceless memories collected and shared with the GroupPix app and online at GroupPix is often used to digitally share, in realtime, with friends and family when physically attending is impossible due to time or location. Now with integrated Walgreens printing, having a way to order prints of special events that can be held in the hands, and shared across the miles is incredibly powerful and meaningful."


Download the Adobe GroupPix for iPhone and Android today!


Adobe GroupPix

Introducing Moments for iPad

Mon, 12/02/2013 - 22:43 - Drew Schweinfurth

Walgreens is excited to welcome Moments for iPad as one of our first third party developer apps to integrate our Photo Book product offering and also one of two winners of our Fall 2013 QuickPrints Developer Contest!

Moments ( lets you highlight life’s best moments with easy-to-make photo books that create a lasting memory just by swiping and tapping, using the photos in your Facebook, Dropbox or iPad. The application, available for iPad, lets you print your photo book with same day pickup to over 4,000 Walgreens locations.

“The QuickPrints API by Walgreens is great for Moments since we only had to focus on creating a great app: they take care of the bricks and mortar part of photo book printing, including payments and customer service” said Amit Sherman, CEO and Founder of Moments. “This is why we could focus on creating a simple application, built for mobile, for the creation of striking photo books that are real simple to make”.


Create your first photo book gift this holiday season by downloading the Moments iPad app today!


Introducing Adobe Revel

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 15:30 - Drew Schweinfurth

Walgreens is proud to introduce a new QuickPrints integration with Adobe Revel on the website.

Bring your family closer together with Revel, the private place to view and share your everyday photos. Encourage family members to add their photos, and together you'll create a library rich in family memories.

According to Mark Dahm, Principal Product Manager for the Adobe Consumer Group, "We’re excited to introduce Walgreens printing service on our site in time for the holidays. The technical team at Walgreens couldn’t have been more responsive and helpful as we integrated the service, and we released ahead of schedule, thanks to that great partnership. We look forward to expanding Walgreen printing across the consumer app family in the weeks to come."


Check out Adobe Revel and print your favorite photos today at!

Adobe Revel

Introducing tapsBook for iPad

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 20:49 - Drew Schweinfurth

Walgreens is proud to introduce tapsBook for iPad as one of our first third party developer apps to integrate our Photo Book product offering and also one of two winners of our Fall 2013 QuickPrints Developer Contest!

The tapsBook ( app is the market’s first 2-in-1 iPad app that allows you to manage photos and create story books through its seamless integrated workflow. The tapsBook app let users quickly sort through their online/offline photos, and automatically organize your photos into story books based photo's metadata using advanced machine intelligence.  


According to tapsBook's founder Sherwood Yao, "tapsBook is all about making virtual photo books as convenient as possible for our users. Our customers asked the option to quickly print their beautiful photo books as gifts. Walgreens, with a scale of 4000+ retail store nation wide offering photo book printing service,  is the only print partner out there that can provide the same day printing option for our US customers. We are pleased that customer can create a book in under a minute and pick up that book within the same day."


Create your first photo book gift today by downloading the tapsBook iPad app!



Introducing Order Prints for Windows 8

Thu, 11/07/2013 - 10:54 - Drew Schweinfurth

Walgreens would like to introduce Order Prints by Peridot Technologies as our latest integration on for Windows 8.  Order Prints is a free application for Windows 8 PCs and tablets that allows you to order photo prints for pickup at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade locations.

According to Omar Barlas, Managing Director for Peridot Technologies, "The high availability of Walgreens print labs and their stores throughout the nation convinced us to use their QuickPrints SDK in our Order Prints App so that our users may send print orders to their local Walgreens outlets and pickup prints in about an hour."  Download Order Prints today on the Windows App Store!

Order Prints