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Introducing PicDrop: A New QuickPrints Partner

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 13:49 - Drew Schweinfurth

The Walgreens API team would like to welcome PicDrop for Android to our developer program family.  PicDrop is the latest application from our friends at MEA Mobile (  PicDrop: Express Printing From Your Phone™ can send pictures from your phone to your local Walgreens. Select photos from your phone's camera or from you Dropbox account and pictures will be ready in about an hour! 

According to Bruce Seymour, Managing Director for MEA Mobile, "Printing from your phone is fast with PicDrop.  We've now introduced a super speedy way to get your Dropbox pictures to Walgreens because we're finding users want to print more than just one or two pictures at a time."

Download PicDrop from the Google Play App Store today.


Introducing Pictarine: A New QuickPrints Partner

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 14:37 - Drew Schweinfurth

The Walgreens API team would like to welcome Pictarine for Android as the newest member of our developer program family.  Pictarine is a great way to enjoy, in one app, your photos and your friends' photos! Pictarine brings together your favorite services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Shutterfly, Google+ (and more) so you stay up to date with the people that matter most and you always keep your favorite photos in your pocket.

According to Guillaume Martin, CEO of Pictarine, "QuickPrints enables our users to continue the photo-experience in the physical world by empowering them with the ability to print their photos and their friends' photos easily! We are very excited to offer them this amazing experience with Walgreens!"

Download Pictarine from the Google Play App Store today.

Introducing HealthSavvi: A New Prescription API Partner

Sun, 04/14/2013 - 20:20 - Drew Schweinfurth

We are happy to announce that HealthSavvi has just integrated the Walgreens Prescription Refill API into both their iPhone and Android Phone apps.

HealthSavvi enables users to track, organize & remember various aspects of their health all in one place, so they can better manage and take control of their health.  Their mobile apps enable users to manage their health easier and digitize their health experiences in the cloud for any time anywhere access and smarter record-keeping.  HealthSavvi enabes the user to keep text notes, audio notes, picture notes of their health experiences and set reminders for their various health appointments.

According to Sai Ganesamoorthi, CEO and Co-Founder of HealthSavvi, Inc., "the Walgreens Prescription API service makes it extremely easy and convenient for users to get their prescriptions refilled right from their phone. This fit very well with HealthSavvi's goal of creating a comprehensive app that provides easy solutions to manage various aspects of a user's health care experiences."

Download the free HealthSavvi app for iPhone as well as Android Phone today!


Introducing Canvas Print: A New QuickPrints Partner

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 14:05 - Drew Schweinfurth

The Walgreens API team would like to welcome Canvas Print by Printicular for iOS and Android to our developer program family.  Canvas Print is the latest application from our friends at MEA Mobile ( and our first partner app to offer canvas prints to over 4,200 Walgreens across the country with same day pickup.

According to Bruce Seymour, Managing Director for MEA Mobile, "We're proud to launch, Canvas Print by Printicular, as part of our growing family of QuickPrints apps.  Walgreen's twelve by twelve ready-to-hang product is a perfect fit with Instagram's re-famous square images."

Download the Canvas Print app for both iPhone and iPad today from the Apple App Store or for Android from the Google Play store.

Canvas Print by Printicular

Photo Hack Day 4 Recap: Congrats Snapsplosion!

Mon, 04/08/2013 - 19:13 - Drew Schweinfurth

Wow, Photo Hack Day 4 was a truly awesome event!  Many thanks to Aviary for running the event and to Facebook for allowing all of us to utilize their awesome facilities.

This was our second year partcipating in Photo Hack Day and we were humbled and blown away by all the happy hacking that occurred with the Walgreens QuickPrints API and SDKs.  In total, there were 16 great hacks (listed below) that utilized our technology and it was a very hard decision to pick out a single winner for our $1,000 cash prize.

PHD4 Focus

photo provided by @Aviary

In the end, we awarded our prize to the iPhone app Snapsplosion based on their creative integration of the QuickPrints SDK which allows for a truly unique and memorable photo product to be created and printed to your local Walgreens.  We look forward to working with the Snapsplosion team over the coming weeks to help them launch their application in production and claim not only our $1,000 bonus prize, but also the hearts & minds of many photo application fans out there.

Again, any thanks to all the hacks that utilized our QuickPrints technology!  You all truly made the Photo Hack Day 4 event one that we will never forget.  Participating hack applications were: Cardified, Cardz, DrawOnIt, Eventbook, FakeYourTravels, Family Photobook, iTravelToo, MakeupArtist, Masqued, Mozaify, PhotoMag, Post A Pic, Postcard Pal, Rebus, Simply Email Photos and Snapsplosion, who also took the 2nd place in the overall PHD4 event prize.

Even though the Photo Hack Day event has now come & gone, interested developers who integrate our Walgreens QuickPrints API or SDK into a production app, can earn a 15% revenue share for all orders placed within your app? Learn more at /api-overview/QuickPrints or email for more details.

If you missed our Photo Hack Day lightning talk on Saturday morning, we have included a video along with the presentation itself.  Also, check out the great PHD4 event photo wall put together by our friends from Chute at




Join Walgreens at Photo Hack Day 4

Mon, 04/08/2013 - 18:03 - Drew Schweinfurth

Bay Area developers and designers:

Join Walgreens, Facebook, Aviary, Dropbox, AMD, Foursquare

& many more great sponsors at Photo Hack Day 4!

Photo Hack Day 4

WHO: Our friends, old and new, in the photo space

WHAT: Another full weekend of photo-centric awesomeness

WHERE: Facebook HQ in Menlo Park

WHEN: April 6-7, 2013

HOW: Register today at

[About Photo Hack Day 4]

Photo Hack Day, an exciting, weekend-long coding marathon, brings together talented developers and designers to build amazing applications using web and mobile photo API's.

Teams compete to create the most inspiring and innovative apps, gunning to win big prize money, cool tech gear, and the respect and wonderment of their peers in the startup community.

The 4th in the series, Photo Hack Day 4 brings the fun back to the West Coast, this time with our friends at Facebook, to bring you the greatest Photo Hack Day yet!

[Walgreens & Photo Hack Day 4]

Walgreens will be featuring its QuickPrints API & SDKs at Photo Hack Day 4 for developer attendees to utilize within their application hacks.  We will also be offering a $1,000 cash prize for the best use of QuickPrints.

Walgreens will feature multiple representatives on-hand at the event to discuss QuickPrints and our Partner Program. If you want to reach us before or at the event, feel free to send a tweet to @WalgreensAPI or email us at

Walgreens is excited to be a part of this event and look forward to seeing you there! The event is free to attend, and you can register at



Introducing Flickring: A New QuickPrints Integration

Thu, 04/04/2013 - 22:20 - Drew Schweinfurth

The Walgreens API team would like to welcome Flickring for iPhone to our developer program family.

People love Flickring ( because it's a powerful yet simple Flickr app for their iPhone which lets people browse, upload, and share their Flickr photos and videos with ease, and has tons of features like advanced slideshow and printing. 

According to Eugene Kaneko, Co-Founder of Pixite, "We love how QuickPrints makes is it super easy to get high quality prints of your favorite Flickr photos. It's the missing link for people who have tons of digital photos but love the look and feel of actual prints."

Download the Flickring iPhone app today from the Apple App Store.


Introducing OnTimeRx: A New Prescription API Partner

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 10:54 - Drew Schweinfurth

We are happy to announce that OnTimeRx® has now integrated the Walgreens Prescription API into their Free & Pro iPhone applications.

OnTimeRx ( is a mature, user-friendly, standalone reminder and health manager app, designed by a pharmacist.  The patent pending OnTimeRx medication reminder set up is highly intuitive, making it easy for non-tech patients to set up and adhere to simple or complex medication schedules.  With automatic dose logging, patients can easily monitor their own compliance rate.  Automatic popup alerts display when a remaining Days Supply is 5 days or less. 

Now a “Refill at Walgreens” button is also displayed for Walgreens customers.  A simple tap on that button orders Walgreens prescription refills directly from this app on the patient’s iOS device.  Adding this convenience feature not only enhances OnTimeRx, it also helps patients improve adherence by helping them maintain adequate medication supplies.   

Download the OnTimeRx Free and OnTimeRx Pro application for iPhone today!

OnTimeRx Free